TFPLThe Fantasy Poker League
TFPLTask Force Pro Libra (London, England, UK)
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Then the number of RFPLs can be expressed in terms of oriented RFPLs in an analogous way as the number of TFPLs is expressed in terms of oriented TFPLs in Fischer and Nadeau (2012).
TFPL, set up in November 2010, offers trade financing to small and medium-sized businesses.
The business will initially operate as TFPL Intelligent Resources and build on the strength of both brands, TFPL told IWR.
Oxbrow has more than 25 years of experience of the information market in a career that started with an MSc in Information Science and included 12 years developing a successful international document supply and publishing business before setting up TFPL Ltd in 1987.
TFPL has created a skills map for KM, based on research conducted in 1999 and 2000 on more than 500 organizations that implemented KM programs.
Over 120 knowledge and information managers and executives from the information industry gathered at a seminar in New York City to discuss 'The impact of a "'recession" on the information market', hosted by TFPL Inc.
A report published by TFPL analyses the Taxonomies practiced by some twenty one major companies, including Microsoft Inc, ICL, DERA, BBC, and others in a case history forum.
Beginning in 1996, TFPL, an information services and consulting company headquartered in London, began researching the skills needed by information professionals in creating and using information in organizations to further KM objectives.
The Canadian e-Content Institute will hold its 17th annual Information Highways conference March 28-30 in Toronto, and TFPL, Ltd.
com) report of its October 2001 Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) Summit in which for the first time taxonomies emerged as a major topic (TFPL, "Knowledge Strategies--Corporate Strategies," 4th International CKO Summit, London, TFPL, 2001).
Delegates from business, industry and government were amongst the attendees at a conference presenting the findings of an international research project undertaken by TFPL and supported by Smartlogik into how businesses can create commercial value from the vast and complex array of information available to them through the use of taxonomies.
TFPL, are planning a major new international research project on taxonomies.