TFPPTyco Fire Protection Products (Marinette, WI)
TFPPTelecommunications Facilities Policy Plan (California)
TFPPTravel Funds Protection Plan (various locations)
TFPPType Four Prepilin Peptidase (antimicrobial treatment)
TFPPThyrotoxic Familial Periodic Paralysis
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Stromberg said that TFPP had noticed a gradual trend toward selection of its Ansul LVS single-agent systems by its mining customers, but the specific application will dictate which type of system should be used; for example, dry chemical agents can be effective when 'broadcast' into the general area in which a fire is occurring, while stand-alone liquid agents work best when sprayed directly on burning surfaces.
As signaled by LPL's recent announcement that it will acquire Veritat, one of the early TFPP platforms, building an effective TFPP can be a valuable business proposition itself, in addition to being an appealing offering for the growing financial planning firm.
As this is an emerging trend, there's no concrete definition of what a TFPP is, but I would characterize it as a firm that provides at least a majority (although not necessarily all) of the following:
While many of the offerings above are part of a typical TAMP, the TFPP platform is broader.
The availability of a TFPP gives the financial planner access to the benefits of scale, but without the piecemeal challenge of scraping the parts together one at a time.