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TFPRTotal Flux Photometric Reference
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One must be aware that distortions might not be the only explanation behind the observed dispersion in TFPR. Indeed, Hsieh and Klenow's (2009) model is based on restrictive assumptions on preferences and on the production technology.
(3) Because of the presence of omitted factors in the Hsieh-Klenow model and of measurement errors, the benchmark value of zero variance in TFPR across firms is often replaced by the TFPR dispersion observed in a benchmark, "frictionless" economy, such as the U.S.
To derive the expression for an industry's TFP, it is useful to first determine its TFPR:
More dispersion in TFPR across establishments in an industry means more dispersion in marginal products across them, which leads to lower TFP for the industry and, hence, for the economy as a whole.
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Igual que en el modelo Hsieh-Klenow, la distincion entre TFPQ y TFPR es esencial para entender como una ineficiente asignacion de recursos puede contraer la productividad agregada TFP.
Hsieh y Klenow (2009) senalan que la TFPR es proporcional al promedio geometrico de los ingresos marginales del producto del capital y del trabajo en la empresa.
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La distribucion de TFPR tambien se presenta para estos tres grupos de entidades federativas (grafica 3).
En el cuadro 6 se registra, por entidad federativa, la dispersion de TFPQ, TFPR y de las brechas en los productos marginales del factor trabajo (1 + [[tau].sub.L]) y del factor capital (1 + [[tau].sub.K]).
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