TFPSThin Film Polymer on Silicon (GigOptix)
TFPSTechforce Protective Services (San Antonio, TX)
TFPSTransportable Flight Proficiency Simulator (US Army)
TFPSTerry Fox Public School
TFPSTexas Fastpitch Softball (magazine)
TFPSThe Fellowcraft Paranormal Society
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According to PFS and TFPS, multi-threaded programs are not rewarded; this is because in PFS; the time slice of greedy program is the same as the amount of time slice assigned to the process which has the lowest number of threads, and in TFPS; the time slice of greedy program is the same as amount of time slice allotted to the optimally-threaded process.
Additionally, the company said that this is a milestone as the full compliance of the TFPS modulator series of products as tested against the stringent Telcordia GR-468 standard is now the first fully qualified polymer modulator to come to market.
Further, the TFPS proprietary modulators allows low drive voltage in the smallest form factor that will reduce power consumption by over 20%, the small form factor enable smaller 300pin optical transponders, have a simpler manufacturing process, larger bandwidth, resides on the same silicon chip as the silicon based drivers, offering an integration platform and the technology permits the integration of the modulator, laser and driver in a small footprint module as well.
An item analysis of the 38 questions on the TFPS revealed a range in means from 1.
Comprehensiveness of prevention programming was measured by the TFPS.