TFRITaiwan Forestry Research Institute
TFRITransport Format Resource Index
TFRITerry Fox Research Institute (Canada)
TFRITropical Forest Research Institute (India)
TFRITransnational Family Research Institute (est. 1972; Aptos, CA)
TFRITianjin Fire Research Institute (China)
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The population can be judged to be declining, with a TFRI (Total Fertility Rate) of 1.
when the iron levels are high, decreased IRE binding facilitates efficient translation of ferritin mRNA and decreases the stability of TFRI mRNA.
He added: "It should help to further de-normalise smoking while preventing exposure to second-hand smoke and prevention of litter which research from TFRI had shown was a benefit of Fingal Co Council gp going smoke-free in its parks.