TFSCToyota Financial Services Corporation
TFSCTexas Funeral Service Commission
TFSCTexas Forensic Science Commission
TFSCThin-Film Solar Cell
TFSCTeam Foundation Source Control (Microsoft)
TFSCTheater Finance Support Center
TFSCTheatre Functional Steering Committee
TFSCToshiba Fuchu Soccer Club (Japan)
TFSCTanstia-FNF (Friedich Naumann Stiftung) Service Centre (India and Germany)
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TMCC established data standards for its data warehouse and worked with the SFCs to make sure that the spreadsheets they were submitting to TFSC met those standards.
In the months since data from TMCC started to populate the data warehouse, TFSC has added statistics from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South America, the Netherlands, and Thailand.
Our contracted service delivery representatives worked with the TFSC training cell to provide civilian personnel training to our swing shift SDRs so they could work civilian issues such as employment, health insurance, life insurance and the Thrift Savings Plan," said Buddy Young, TFSC manager.