TFSFToyota Financial Services France (vehicles)
TFSFTotal Field/Scattered Field
TFSFTotal Functional Sperm Fraction (fertility)
TFSFTriodos Fair Share Fund (microfinance)
TFSFTranslaminar Facet Screw Fixation
TFSFTons Force per Square Foot
TFSFTemporal Fasciocutaneous Scalp Flap (skin feature)
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An extra advantage here is that the code of the radiated field computations can easily be extended in order to excite a coupled TFSF domain (see Fig.
In the FDTD method on disjoint domains with bilateral coupling, the inner surface of the Huygens box is also a part of the TFSF box [28].
Figure 6 shows the accuracy of computations when the radiated field excites a coupled TFSF domain (both FDTD domains of size [26.