TFSPTrachtenberg Family Slideshow Players (band)
TFSPTax-Free Savings Plan (Canada)
TFSPTexans for State Parks (Texas)
TFSPTask Force on Strategic Planning
TFSPTask Force on System Protection (power systems)
TFSPTraditional Fulbright Scholar Program
TFSPTrust and Foundation Schools Partnership (UK)
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40 S&W 77-grain TFSP and 37-grain (police-only) ExpHP both functioned reliably in an H&K USP 40 pistol and an MP5/40A2 submachine gun.
TFSP bullet uses a soft lead alloy pellet made of lead, aluminum and zinc on top of a mixture of polymer and powdered metal.
Both the TFSP and the ExpHP bullets fragment on impact.
Large fragments of lead from the nose pellet are recovered from the TFSP bullets.
Two of the more interesting Platinum loads are the 90-grain TFSP and 115-grain TFSP both in .
The Platinum loads proved to be more accurate than many exotics because both the TFSP and ExpHP bullets have a uniform cross-section.
357 SIG TFSP group was 1-1 1/2 inches from the center of the FMJ group.
45 ACP 115-grain TFSP penetrates 15 inches of gelatin.