TFTATownsville Field Training Area (Australia)
TFTATetraformaltrisazine (chemical)
TFTAThanks for the Add (Internet slang)
TFTATactical Flight Training Area
TFTATraditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (est. 1984; UK)
TFTATerrain Following / Terrain Avoidance (radar/system)
TFTATexas Future Teachers of America (Austin, TX)
TFTATales From The Afternow
TFTATools to Fight Terrorism Act of 2004
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The TFTA is now focused on the next steps which will see member/partner states embarking on Phase II negotiations, which will cover trade in services, intellectual property rights, competition policy, cross-border investment and cooperation in trade and development.
It was said that in Southern Africa the implementation of integration programmes under the TFTA had been delayed because of the lack of capacity at the SADC Secretariat.
In 2012, the Communist Chinese regime pledged $100 million in funding through 2015 to the AU--a massive sum amounting to almost 10 percent of the entire TFTA regime's GDP and more than a third of the AU's annual budget.
The TFTA will help create the predictability that is needed to attract local and international investors.
Las micrografias de los polvos ceramicos obtenidos usando la mezcla de urea/glicina y TFTA son presentados en las Figuras 2a y 2b respectivamente.
These thresholds track article 5-1 of Taiwan's TFTA.
The TFTA has been praised by the industry magazine Turkey for putting a "top" on the Christmas turkey market, meaning for quality of meat, ethical processing methods and sheer exclusivity (which means they are more expensive) these are the best birds mon ey can buy.
Kabil said Egyptian exports can benefit from the various agreements Egypt signed with different countries, which will help them reach around two billion consumers, such as the Egypt-Mercosur trade agreement and the Tripartite Free Trade Area TFTA.
Also, the TFTA is complemented by programmes for industrialisation and infrastructure development, which will address production constraints and transportation bottlenecks.
The TFTA also accounts for 25 per cent of intra-regional trade, where other blocs account for an average of 15 per cent.
The launch of the TFTA is a significant milestone for the African continent," the South African government said.
The TFTA was launched by the Heads of States at Sharm el-Shaik, Egypt in June 2015 and South Africa did not signed the agreement at that stage since there was still outstanding work in some of the annexures to the agreement.