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Today's collective actions - the first by the TFTC since it was set up in May this year - are aimed at deepening the GCC-US partnership to disrupt the financing of terrorist groups.
We will co-chair the TFTC with Saudi Arabia, and will work collaboratively with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council to counter these global terror networks.
Algorithm 1: The pseudo-code for the SCTTS heuristic algorithm Input: An application characteristics The reade-off factor ([alpha]) is a number between 0 to 1 Output: The resource characteristics and the available slots to each resource A workflow application scheduling 1 unscheduledTasks = get the list of yet unscheduled tasks 2 While (list of unscheduledTasks is not empty) do 3 eligibleTasks = get the set of unscheduled ready tasks whose parent tasks have been scheduled 4 for all j e eligibleTasks do 5 parentTasks = find the set of tasks that are the parents of task j 6 for all r e avail Re sources do 7 get the slots list available to resource r 8 get the required TFTC for executing task j on the slots of resource r according to Eq.
This action was taken in partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the co-chair of the recently established Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC), as well as all other TFTC member states: the Kingdom of Bahrain; the State of Kuwait; the Sultanate of Oman; the State of Qatar; and the United Arab Emirates.
This action was taken in partnership with the United State of America, as the co-chair of the recently established International Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC), and also included the other TFTC member states.
In addition, all TFTC Member States also designated Nayif Salih Salim al-Qaysi, Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad Abd al-Rahman al-Humayqani, Hashim Muhsin Aydarus al-Hamid, and Yemeni Rahmah Charitable Organization, all of whom were previously designated (under the sanctions)," the Treasury department statement said.
First, cartels can be approved upon application to the TFTC if they fall into one of the seven categories and meet the conditions set forth in the FTL and related rules.
According to BNA, the Bahraini ministry said that this measure comes as part of the joint efforts of the Global Terrorist Financing Targeting Centre (TFTC) in partnership with the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the co-chairs of the TFTC, in addition to member states in the TFTC of which Bahrain is an active member.
The TFTC was announced on May 21 as a joint effort to pursue the financial resources of officially designated "terror" groups across the region.
Mnuchin, accompanied by Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal Mandelker, will lead the delegation that includes senior Treasury staff to discuss the TFTC partnership, and other initiatives to combat illicit finance.