TFTETemporary Full-Time Equivalent (employee)
TFTETales from the Empire (Star Wars)
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In keeping with the administrations goals of implementing ACE and ITDS, the TFTE provides further funding for the development of ACE and requires not only that ITDS be implemented no later than ACE is fully implemented but that no later than December 31, ITDS must be the primary means for other agencies to receive data and documentation required for entry.
The TFTE requires CBP to consider consolidating partnership programs, ensure a transparent system of benefits and compliance requirements and coordinate with other federal agencies for qualified parties to receive immediate clearance for entries, absent information that the transaction poses a threat.
Additionally, the TFTE provides statutory authority for the CEEs, established as a pilot program in 2011.
In addition to incorporating the facilitation and simplification measures discussed above, the TFTE addresses a number of miscellaneous customs matters, some of which present duty savings opportunities.
2,000 (as of June 2011) Timeline: 1996 - TTME established as JV with Tianjin Automobile 1998 - "A" engine production begins 2003 - Joint venture with FAW 2006 - TTME name changed to TFTE in conjunction with FAW investment 2007 - ZR engine production begins Milestones: 2005 - Cumulative production reaches 500,000 units 2008 - Cumulative production reaches 1 million units 2010 - Cumulative production reaches 1.