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Los parametros biologicos se determinaron mediante las siguientes formulas: Supervivencia (S) = numero final de organismos/ numero inicial de organismos x100; Cambio en longitud (mm [dia.sup.-1]) = (Tf-Ti) [D.sup.-1]; Cambio en peso (g [dia.sup.-1]) = (Pf-Pi) D-1; % de Incremento en longitud = [(TfTi) [Ti.sup.-1]] 100; % de Incremento en peso = [(Pf-Pi) Pi-1] x 100; Tasa de crecimiento especifico de peso (TCE; % [dia.sup.-1]) = [(Ln Pf-Ln Pi) [D.sup.-1]] 100; donde Pf corresponde al peso final, Pi al peso inicial, Ti a la longitud inicial, Tf a la longitud final y D al numero de dias del experimento.
Lonely tftis Cftristmas Another song about separation, Lonely this Christmas was originally released by the glam rock legends Mud in 1974 but has since been covered by several oth- er artists.
In response to a call by the Working Group, AUSTRAC produced a report, Bank Derisking of Remitter Customers, (76) The report, largely based on AUSTRAC's financial and remitter registration data (especially International Funds Transfer Instructions (TFTIs')), found that more than 700 accounts of remittance businesses were closed between January 2014 and April 2015.