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TFTRTokamak Fusion Test Reactor
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TFTRToroidal Fusion Test Reactor
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But when the physicists project power outputs from deuterium-tritium plasmas -- which yield about 300 times the power of all-deuterium plasmas -- the balance presumably would reach about 60% in TFTR and 80% in JET.
Provided funds and necessary equipment come through, TFTR could gets its first deuterium-tritium fuel by 1993 or 1994, and JET probably by 1995.
Donald Grove, TFTR project manager, says they expect to echieve that in 1987 using the hydrogen isotope deuterium, with which they have been working so far.
Their equipment has been deployed on a wide range of international fusion projects, including MAST, LHD, JET, TFTR, JT-60U.
Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) operations Terminated 10 Years ago-The construction of TFTR was started in March 1976 as part of a major US Energy R&D effort in response to the Gulf oil embargo of the mid-1970s.
TFTR achieved all of the original 1976 technical project goals of:
During that period several large new tokamak facilities were constructed, including the Doublet III tokamak at General Atomics and the PDX and TFTR facilities at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.
Many programs had to be terminated, including TFTR, the largest U.
He went on to lead the ORNL design efforts that culminated in the ORNL-PPPL competition resulting in TFTR.
In selecting Meade, the Board recognizes his decades of outstanding contributions to the fusion effort, including but not limited to his roles in leading the TFTR and Next Step Options programs and his inspirational guidance in the search for an affordable path to fusion power.
DT-burning tokamak, that led ultimately to the construction of TFTR, and his continuing devotion to international collaborations and to the technology and facilities needed to make fusion power a reality.
During the past 30 years, hundreds of fusion scientists and engineers from China have been sent around the world to study and to exchange fusion research know-how, particularly by participation in the experiments TFTR (in the U.