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TFTs after 6 months (p-value of 0.04, calculated by Fischer Exact Test).
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Recently, silicon-based materials have been in limited use because of the growing interest in cost-effective and low-temperature processing materials that could for example replace the Si[O.sub.2] gate dielectric layer of most conventional thin film transistor (TFT) devices [1].
Despite continued thyroxine replacement therapy and normal TFTs, her clinical condition did not improve.
Song added, "Plus, there is a trend in developing smart homes, smart hospitals and smart cities - in all of which oxide semiconductor TFTs will play a key role."
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The potential of two donor-acceptor copolymers as hole transporting materials has been evaluated in TFT structures.
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We concentrate on the 2D non-Abelian theory (without any interaction with matter fields) because this theory has been shown [13] to be a perfect model of Hodge theory as well as a new model of topological field theory (TFT) which captures a few aspects of Witten-type TFTs [19] and some salient features of Schwarz-type TFTs [20].
Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) is proud to share the certification from NSIC-CRISIL for achieving High-Performance Capability & Above Average Financial Strength, a rating of "MSE 4".
Whereas free T 3 and T 4 were negatively co-related with TC and LDL, while no relationship between TG and TFTs was established 26.