TFTSTales from Tech Support
TFTSTee for the Soul (clothing)
TFTSThanks for the Smiles
TFTSTerrestrial Flight Telecommunications System
TFTSTactical Fighter Training Squadron
TFTSSymposium on Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis (IEEE)
TFTSTOW Field Test Set (US Army)
TFTSTerrestrial Flight Telephone Service
TFTSToward a Feminist Theory of the State
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EU development of a European TFTS, however, may face significant
proposal on the TFTS, and any such proposal must ultimately be approved
the implementation of an eventual European TFTS, noting that it would
As with ATCS, GenStar uses radio links to communicate via satellites or dedicated ground networks such as the GTE North American Terrestrial System and Europe's TFTS.
The TFTS programme will come into reality from 2018.
study, the Commission estimated that creating a European TFTS would cost
The rollout of TFTS will start in 2018 with the launch of the new Belfast Bus Rapid Transit system.