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TFUThe Force Unleashed (Star Wars)
TFUTohoku Fukushi University (Japan)
TFUTrendnet Firewall Unit
TFUTask Force Uruzgan
TFUTeaching For Understanding
TFUTheraputic Feeding Unit (health care)
TFUTransformer Universe (comics)
TFUTraining for Utopia (band)
TFUTactical Firearms Unit
TFUThe Franciscan University
TFUTokyo Future University (Japan)
TFUTheoretical First Unit
TFUTales Forever Untold
TFUTechnical Follow Up
TFUTiming & Frequency Unit
TFUTaxe Foncière Unique (French: Unique Property Tax)
TFUTurret FLIR Unit
TFUThunderforce Final U (gaming)
TFUTotally Fouled Up
TFUTotal Fuel Used
TFUThe Freakest Uppest (polite form)
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Eligible patients were randomized to WFU group (followed-up on WeChat) or TFU group (followed-up on telephone) for clinical tracking according to the predesigned random allocation envelopes which they chose.
4] solubilities under TFU operating conditions, a Jacketed Glass Rector system was designed, as shown in Figure 3.
We want our Sailors to keep a professional appearance," said TFU Director CNOCM Robert Carroll.
En muchos casos en que el TFU se complementa con un cuestionario, este ultimo busca descubrir aspectos de dificil identificacion con el TFU, como son, criterios de utilidad y confort, areas de mayor dificultad y/o facilidad, rasgos mas agradables, opiniones acerca del tamano y la disposicion de los textos e imagenes en las paginas, etc.
The TFU framework makes such an outcome explicit, through demonstrating student understanding and identifying students' active engagement in learning.
For the bank, even when the ECB does not appear in the future Treaty on the European Union (TEU) but only in the TFU, this does not mean that there will be a hierarchy between the two treaties.
TFU launched its participant survey May 31 for all Navy Working Uniform (NWU) and E-6 and below service uniform test participants to complete by June 15.
In addition to streamlining and simplifying the uniform regs, TFU is developing concept uniforms for a working uniform for E-1 through O-10, as well as a year-round service uniform for E-6 and below.
Among the TFU initiatives to be announced in an upcoming NAVADMIN are the details on the first phase of wear and acceptability testing of a working uniform concept for E-1 through 0-10, and a year-round service uniform concept for E-6 and below.
Dielectric installed a high-power TFU series UHF antenna and digiTLine rigid transmission line system in the Panama City, Florida market.
The vision of TFU is to give Sailors a cost-effective set of uniforms presenting a professional appearance, recognizing naval heritage and offering versatility, safety, ease of maintenance, storage and comfort.
TFU is not the only new paradigm way of organizing thinking and learning for students from K to Ph.