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The administration of TFY at all doses reduced the levels of plasma CGRP and serum NO, increased the levels of plasma ET and the ET/NO ratio, compared with the model group, which were treated by distilled water.
Effect of TFY on monoamine neurotransmitter in brain of nitroglycerin-induced migraine rats
Table 2 Effect of TFY on monoamine neurotransmitter in brain of nitroglycerin-inducecl migraine rats.
Three doses of TFY could all increase the contents of 5-HT and NE remarkably, and reduced the contents of DA.
Effect of TFY on vasospasm induced high IC' in isolated vascular
Moreover, the improvement of TFY shown to be a dose dependent and endothelium-independent.
Compared with the control group, CBF were increased obviously at all times after administration of TFY at high and middle dose; and TFY also could reduce RI at all times after administration except 30 min.
TFY consists of herbs known in TCM theory to dispel wind, activate blood and relieve pain (The Pharmacopoeia Commission of PRC 1994).
The administration of TFY could significantly reduce the time of foot licking and improve per severing nociceptive behavioral response.
The experimental results indicated that the number of head-twitches were obviously decreased with TFY administration, the behavior abnormality was significantly improved.
Based on above views, we aimed on vasoactive substances and neurotransmitters, the investigated the effect of TFY on migraine.
In this study, we also adopted vascular test in vitro and vivo, then the improvement Of TFY on vasomotion was observed in these test.