TGACThe Genome Analysis Centre (UK)
TGACTherapeutic Goods Advertising Code (Australia)
TGACThe Genome Action Coalition (lobbying group)
TGACTechnical Grade Active Constituent (herbicide)
TGACThe Golf Academy of the Carolinas (est. 1998; Myrtle Beach, SC)
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Using these contig sequences as queries in search of the TGAC database [28] with 90% as the homology threshold, 318 nonabundant genomic DNA sequences were obtained, 294 of which yield the expected open reading frames (ORF) with EST support in gene prediction with the gene-finding program FGENESH [29].
With the world's largest SGI[R] UV[TM] 300 installation for Life Sciences, with one of the largest Intel[R] SSD for PCIe*deployments worldwide, TGAC's new supercomputing platform gives the research Institute access to the next-generation of SGI UV technology for genomics.
This new TGAC platform comprises two SGI UV 300 systems totalling 24 terabytes (TB) of shared-memory, 512 Intel[R] Xeon[R] Processor E7 v3 cores and 64TB of Intel[R] P3700 SSDs with NVMe* storage technology.
These include genes that influence the bacterium's ability to attach to surfaces and survival genes that increase tolerance to high acidity, low oxygen, UV light and antibiotics," said Dr Lisa Crossman, Microbial Genome Project Leader at TGAC.
The library preparation and sequencing of the rice genomes were carried out using Illumina HiSeq 2000 by applying Illumina pipeline 1.9 at the Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), UK.
This work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Vietnam, and the Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), through a collaboration program between Vietnam and the UK.
The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) is a world-class research institute focusing on the development of genomics and computational biology.
In close collaboration with IFR scientists, TGAC sequenced and assembled the genome of a L.