TGARTrunk Group Access Restriction
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[[beta].sub.0] es el intercepto a estimar y, [[beta].sub.1], [[beta].sub.2], [[beta].sub.3]: [[beta].sub.4]: [[beta].sub.5]: [[beta].sub.6]: [[beta].sub.7]: [[beta].sub.8] y [[beta].sub.9] son los parametros desconocidos a estimar de las variables independientes, [X.sub.1], [X.sub.2], [X.sub.3], [X.sub.4] [X.sub.4] [X.sub.6] [X.sub.7] [X.sub.8] y [X.sub.9] que corresponden a: El Tiempo de la garantia en meses (tgar); Duracion real del contrato (drc) ; Empresas en licitacion (el); Duracion del contrato (durac); Valor polizas (vpolizas); Valor de la inversion (ln valor contrato); Valor de la multa (ln valor multa); riesgo legal y riesgo de ejecucion del contrato respectivamente, es decir:
Tommy Garvey moves into the lead in the race for the leading points scorer in March, his Merv Tgar entry has racked up 46 points so far this month courtesy of wins over the weekend for Madison Du Berlais.
Much of the fine particulate matter causing nonattainment of EPA standards (25-32% in metro areas such as Denver and Los Angeles) comes from heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses, says the National Research Council in its April 2002 report The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program: Assessing 10 tgars of Experience.