TGBp1Triple-Gene-Block Protein 1
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AltMV TGBp1 is capable of selectively binding to several cellular proteins [37], namely, mitochondrial ATP synthase delta chain subunit, light-harvesting chlorophyll-protein complex I subunit A4, chlorophyll a/b binding protein, chloroplast IscA-like protein, and chloroplast [beta]-ATPase.
Similarly to PVX TGBp1, TGBp1 of AltMV is capable of interacting with one end of the virion thus activating RNA translation in vitro [3, 38].
Together with AltMV replicase and TGBp1, AltMV CP determines symptom severity in host plants [24].
The AltMV genomic RNA is normally encapsidated and completely nontranslatable in vitro; however, translation can be activated through the phosphorylation of AltMV CP by protein kinase C or by TGBp1 binding to the viral particle [3].