TGCETemperature Gradient Capillary Electrophoresis
TGCETagore Government College of Education (India)
TGCEThames Gateway Constructing Excellence (UK)
TGCEThermal Gradient Capillary Electrophoresis
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To gain an understanding of the dimensions of TGCE promoted by the Bridges (2007) Climate Change Curriculum, we located the curriculum document within the framework for TGCE (see Table 1).
Figure 2 shows a breakdown of the percentage of content and process references for each of the four dimensions of the TGCE framework.
A major strength of the curriculum (Bridges, 2007) is the set of journal reflection questions provided at the end of each lesson; these questions account for most of the references in the politics dimension of the TGCE framework.
The negotiation of different views is an important aspect of TGCE (Johnson & Morris, 2010).
Despite a weak emphasis on the political dimension of TGCE in the Bridges curriculum (2007), the students who produced this video showed a deepening understanding of the complexities of environmental issues, which is likely a credit to the pedagogical approaches of the teacher and Bridges staff who are credited at the end of the video.
As an independent confirmation, quantitative heteroduplex analysis was performed on TGCE traces taken from the same PCR products in (2).
Samples were stored at 4[degrees]C until TGCE analysis was performed.
TGCE analysis was performed on a Reveal Discovery System (SpectruMedix).
mtDNA from four NMSC patients with known nucleotide changes previously identified by sequencing was screened by TGCE. Samples were prepared for singlet or multiplexed TGCE by restriction enzyme digestions (Table 1).
Examples of the TGCE output showing the detection of heteroduplexes in mixed specimens are presented in Figs.