TGDCTechnical Guidelines Development Committee
TGDCThyroglossal Duct Cyst
TGDCThe Great Driving Challenge (contest; India)
TGDCTeodoro Group Dev't Corp. (Philippines)
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The primary TGDC papillary carcinoma is rare manifestation with ~90% of them originating from aberrant thyroid tissue (de novo theory) in contrast to invasion of TGDC from an occult primary thyroid gland (metastatic theory)5.
For primary TGDC papillary carcinoma total thyroidectomy neck dissection after sistrunk surgery is recommended whether the thyroid is or not involved clinically or radiologically; because of multifocal and multicentric nature of papillary carcinomas8.
In conclusion primary TGDC papillary carcinoma is extremely rare entity.
Examples of benign neoplasms include TGDC, dermoid cyst branchial cleft cyst and cervical adenitis[2] Congenital lesions present from birth to shortly after birth and account for 55 percent of benign lesions.
The TGDC may be solid or cystic and is usually asymptomatic.
The TGDC arises from remnants of the embryologic descent of the thyroid gland from the foramen cecum on the dorsum of the tongue to the location of the thyroid gland above the sternal notch.
TGDC, a subsidiary of Tanzania Electric Supply Company, is the sole organization with geothermal exploitation rights in Tanzania, and its business scope ranges from the development of geothermal resources to the construction of power plants.