TGDITurbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (automotive engineering)
TGDITechnische Grundlagen Der Informatik (German: Technical Fundamentals of Computer Science; course of study)
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Howard's presentation will outline a range of unique challenges TGDI and GDI engines pose for fuels and lubricant formulation including - low speed pre-ignition (LSPI), aggressive wear of engine components, increased emissions due to injector deposits, faster oil oxidation, and higher levels of fuel dilution leading to loss of viscosity and oil degradation.
For highly boosted TGDI engines, the blowby recirculation reaches its maximum in the LSPI zone on the engine speed-load map [11].
Based on our tests on three different highly boosted TGDI engines (1.
It is seen that for oil temperatures greater than 140[degrees]C, up to 25% of the gasoline entering the oil may remain in the oil in case of fuel dilution, which is unavoidable in TGDI engines.
0L 14 TGDI Ecotec (LHU) BMEP, bar 19 Engine Speed, rpm 2000 Air-fuel ratio fixed Ignition timing fixed Camshaft phasing fixed Table 2.