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TGEToll Global Express
TGETransient Gene Expression
TGETorque Game Engine
TGETrès Grand Equipement (French: Very Large Equipment)
TGETokyo Grain Exchange (Japan)
TGETransmissible Gastroenteritis
TGETransnational Giving Europe (France)
TGETeoria Geral do Estado (Brazil; Law)
TGETrésorerie Générale pour l'Etranger (French: General Treasury Abroad)
TGETrès Grande Entreprise (French: Very Large Enterprise)
TGETournoi des Grandes Ecoles (French: Tournament of Elite Schools; golf tournament)
TGETraverse Gravimeter Experiment
TGEThe Gateway Experience (Monroe Institute; Faber, VA)
TGETurbo Gradient Echo (magnetic resonance imaging)
TGETransponder-Grooming Edge
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VIMANA's heavily anticipated TGE seeks to attract US$35 million via the VAIR token sale.
Having raised $10 million during its presale and private sale period, BANKEX's TGE will take place between 28 November 2017 and 28 December 2017.
They have just appointed Alun Jones as MAN TGE Sales Executive.
De Anquin will step into the new role as TGE Solar president and continue in his capacity as CEO of K12Solar, leveraging Tri Global Energy's central back office administration with the goal of capturing substantial year-over-year sales.
You can put together a specific TGE online training, a reminder of what expectations are.
Conclusion: Here we described an optimization process for TGE in suspension-adapted CHO cells based on Polyethylenimine (PED/DNA concentration, DNA: PEI ratio, starting cell densities and peptone feeding strategy.
Figure 2 demonstrates the significant incremental contribution of TGE to the selection process, beyond the effect of B.
Using the correlation spectrum between FAGA and TGE, spectral correlation filters were designed to extract terrain-correlated free-air gravity signals.
It is a booming market and TGE has positioned itself at a niche end of it and achieved some very healthy margins including 15% last year.
The facilities, owned and operated by TGE will be regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
The VAP and NMR classified 21 persons (--~54%) as type B, but TGE classified only 2 of the 38 persons (~5%) as having a type B pattern.
TGE used the sale proceeds, as well as additional taxpayer funds, to buy like-kind replacement properties for the taxpayer from a corporation related to the taxpayer.