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This is evident in the significant strides TGen has made in expediting patient treatments and bringing medical care from the bench to the bedside.
A separate clinical trial that follows this path, also guided by TGen genomic research, is underway at Barrow Neurological Institute.
It's ideal for enterprises like TGen, ASU and datacenters that transmit and receive information in terabytes," said Hyman Sukiennik, vice president, Cox Business Arizona.
Weiss has filed patents for the use of microRNAs as theranostics, and has received funding from the Sylvia-Chase Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the IBIS Foundation of Arizona, the TGen Foundation, and Scottsdale Healthcare to conduct this work.
Von Hoff is also Physician-in-Chief at TGen, as well as Professor of Medicine, Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathology at the University of Arizona and Chief Scientific Officer for U.
TGen is expected to use as much as 25% of the structure to house a center that will focus on accelerating the development of new drugs.
Gately is currently President and Chief Scientific Officer at TGen Drug Development (TD2).
The TGen team performed deep genomic profiling, integrating gene copy number, gene expression and DNA methylation datasets on a collection of 35 breast-brain metastases samples.
Barrow will provide patient care, as well as collect blood and spinal fluid samples, which will be analysed by TGen.
TGen deploys technology from SGI to more quickly and efficiently analyze molecular profile data sets in their search for cancer cures.
Santa Clara, CA), and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (Phoenix, AZ) have entered into a non-exclusive agreement under which TGen will offer genotyping services to their collaborators and NIH funded core facility programs using Affymetrix GeneChip brand DNA analysis technology.