TGERTheme on Governance, Equity and Rights (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
TGERThe Green Evening Requiem (band)
TGERTree Genetic Engineering Research Cooperative (NSF)
TGERTotal Gastrectomy with Esophageal Resection
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In exchange for 100% of the common shares of Tisova and TGER, Declan has paid an aggregate of CDN 60,000 in cash to the shareholders.
In connection with this transaction, 100,000 stock options have been granted to the company's Australian resident appointed director for both TGER and Tisova.
"TGER is small enough to fit into a CONEX [military shipping] container, but ...
TGER's fuel is a mixed waste stream of sorted MSW of papers, plastics, and food-slop garbage.
a TGER unit can handle about a ton of garbage a day," creating a potentially significant alternative fuel source for the military.
(4) Tgers refers to transgender folks who, by virtue of the womyn-born-womyn-only policy, are officially excluded from attending the festival.