TGF-bTransforming Growth Factor Type Beta
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Activation of the bone-derived latent TGF-b complex by isolated osteoblasts.
Osteoblasts synthesize and respond to TGF-b in vitro.
But when they blocked TGF-b with specific antibodies, it neutralized these drug effects and prevented the spread of tumors.
Recently, numerous studies have found that TGF-[beta] signal is activated in the early phase of AP, and inhibition of TGF-[beta] signal decreases pathological injury to pancreas (8-13), suggesting TGF-b signal could be a target for therapy of AP.
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For the recent experiments, the NLGs contained two components: an inhibitor drug that counters a particularly potent cancer defense called transforming growth factor-B (TGF-B), and interleukin-2 (IL-2), a protein that rallies immune systems to respond to localized threats.
The 'moat' is the cancer's defense system, which includes TGF-B.