TGFUTeaching Games for Understanding (conference)
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What is the formative achievement level of students in handball game based on TGfU for online approach using Frog VLE site?
What is the summative achievement level of students in handball game based on TGfU?
To what extent is the relationship between formative and summative achievement of students in handball game based on TGfU?
The teaching and learning method of B-LEAD Model is based on Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) method by Bunker and Thorpe, 1982.
In order to understand the objectivity of this structure, (Banker, Thrope, 1982) launched a name"Teaching games for understanding framework (TGFU)"
It has been a very popular international market for over a decade and is the world leader concept in schools and clubs for the mediation of sports games viewed model is called Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU).
Bredekamp (1992) emphasizes that the objective of (TGFU) is to build skill for all levels of difficulty to suit everyone in terms of (age, cognitive level, ability).
Werner et al., (1996) developed a model of (TGFU)in which we see that the student is in the middle of this model and therefore develop his skills to suitability.
In order to keep instruction on Ultimate consistent between both teachers at each school, both teachers were asked to teach an introductory Ultimate lesson, using guiding questions and modified games, two components within the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) model (Bunker & Griffin, 2010; Metzler, 2011).
In IG (Almond, 1986; Castle, 1990; Ellis, 1983b, 1986), the TGfU approach is applied to this kind of collaborative game invention.
Teachers and students were observed and filmed as they participated in units using both an IG protocol for one unit and a linked institutionalized game unit (of the same category of games) using a TGfU approach.
I was still doing TGfU during the first two years but it was very much controlled by me.