TGKFThe Great Kebab Factory (restaurant chain; India)
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Starting from the very delectable Galouti Kebabs served with ulta tawa roti, the TGKF outlet also offers Achari Macchi Tikka, Badami murg seekh, Lazeez paneer tikka, Jungli Kukda, Patrani Machli, Kadhai Mutton Seekh, Murgh Kesari Tikka and Prawn Koliwada.
For vegetarians, the team of chefs say the TGKF proprietary spice bag adds to the magic of the dishes on offer.
This is followed by the TGKF's proprietary dals (lentils), biryani (flavoured rice), seasonal vegetables and raita (spiced yogurt).
Muneesh Gadi, operations manager, said: "It is no surprise that regular TGKF patrons are extremely enthusiastic and delighted with the new prices and the frequency of visits has increased largely.
TGKF is an Indian specialty restaurant offering a unique dining experience using recipes flaunting ancient and contemporary tastes.
10.09.12 TGKE RX, TGKF RX, VTGK, TGKI RX Renova owner Viktor Vekselberg stated KES-Holding has stopped merger talks with Gazprom Energoholding.
TGKE RX, TGKF RX, VTGK RX, TGKI RX Shares of TGKs owned by KES Holding continued rallying for the second consecutive week, with TGK-5, TGK-6, Volga TGK and TGK-9 gaining 23%, 30%, 26% and 46%, respectively.
[ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]D14 (TGKN) [ETH][sup.2]NN[ETH]3/4N[ETH]'[ETH][degrees] [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 52.1%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]D9 (TGKI) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 44.9%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]D6 (TGKF) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 29.9%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]D2 (TGKB) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 26.9%, [ETH][ETH]3/4[ETH]'[ETH][paragraph]N[ETH]*[ETH][degrees]N [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH] (VTGK) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 26.5%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]D5 (TGKE) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 26.0%.
[ETH]cents[ETH][degrees][ETH]*, [ETH]3/4[ETH][+ or -]N[ETH]*[ETH]1/2[ETH]3/4[ETH][sup.2][ETH][micro][ETH]1/2[ETH]1/2N[ETH][micro] [ETH][degrees][ETH]*N[ETH][cedilla][ETH][cedilla] [ETH]NNN[ETH]1/2[ETH][micro]N[ETH][sup.3][ETH]3/4N[ETH][+ or -]NN[ETH][degrees] (ARSB) [ETH] [ETH]3/4[ETH][acute accent][ETH]3/4N[ETH]3/4[ETH][paragraph][ETH][degrees][ETH]'[ETH][cedilla] [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 20.2%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]J6 (TGKF) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 18.3%, [ETH]N[ETH][degrees]N[ETH]1/2[ETH]3/4[ETH][sup.3][ETH]3/4 [ETH][ETH]*NN[ETH][+ or -]NN (KROT) J [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 16.1%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]J14 (TGKN) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 15.3%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]J5 (TGKE) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 14.6%.
TGKE RX, TGKF RX, TGKI RX, VTGK RX Over the last week the quotes of TGK-9 have grown by 70%, while shares of other TGKs belonging to KES - TGK-5, TGK-6 and Volzhskaya TGK - gained 8%, 28% and 47%, respectively.
[ETH]cents[ETH][degrees][ETH]*, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]<9 (TGKI) [ETH][sup.2]NN[ETH]3/4N[ETH]'[ETH][degrees] [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 70.5%, [ETH][ETH]3/4[ETH]'[ETH][paragraph]N[ETH]*[ETH][degrees]N [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH] (VTGK) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 40.5%, [ETH]cents[ETH][ETH]<6 (TGKF) - [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 19.3%.