TGLTaeglich (German: daily)
TGLTotal Gaming League (website)
TGLTriglyceride Lipase
TGLTouch and Go Landing (aircraft flight training)
TGLTechnische Güte und Lieferbedingungen (German)
TGLTouch-and-Go Landings
TGLTemporary Guidance Leaflets
TGLTissus Gisèle (French: Gisele Fabrics)
TGLThe Great Library (gaming)
TGLTask Group Leader
TGLThe Great Lighthouse (gaming)
TGLTarget to Gun Line
TGLTechniques du Génie Logiciel (French: Techniques of Software Engineering)
TGLThe Galilean Library (website)
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After putting Kuo Hua under its fold, TGL will witness its assets hitting NT$627.
TGL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Holdings plc that
In terms of revenue, he said TGL fared as follows: 2008 - GMD 3.
During the BOT period, TGL will receive an income stream while a coordination committee, comprised of representatives from both parties, will monitor the operations of the project in order to protect and promote the heritage and cultural values of the Maori land owners.
The feasibility study supported by the EU for the TGL project, which has been recognized as part of the Trans-European Energy Networks (TEN-E), is to be completed in the near future.
The EU Commission's inclusion of the TGL in the Trans-European Networks (TEN) confirms the pan-European significance of this transalpine project, which involves total investments of some EUR 1 billion.
Now that the exemption procedure has been initiated, the capacity allocation procedure, known as TGL Open Season 2009, will start soon.
In a related transaction, Ashanti has also reached agreement in principle with Gold Fields Ghana Limited ("Gold Fields"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Gold Fields Limited of South Africa, to on-sell certain assets of TGL including the Teberebie mine's north pit and gyratory crusher.
The TGL project provides access to alternative sources of supply including liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipped from regions such as North Africa and Arab countries to the Mediterranean region by tankers.
The Austrian companies participating in TGL include Energie OberE[micro]sterreich (16.
This strategic alliance with the Jubilee Partners, represented here by TGL, will allow us to facilitate the networking of our systems, to ensure that Ghana Gas meets its goal of attaining First Gas within the coming months.
Triangle Bancorp stock trades on the NYSE under the symbol TGL.