TGMDTest of Gross Motor Development
TGMDTisherman Gilbert Motley Drozdoski (talent agency; Los Angeles, CA)
TGMDTrunk Group Multiplex/Demultiplex (US DoD)
TGMDThe Great Mouse Detectives (film)
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Between and within group differences in TGMD II scores at baseline and post intervention were not significantly different.
The initial document outlined the aim to develop a process-oriented assessment for both the golf swing and the golf putt with the intention that these be in line with the TGMD (in terms of having a number of components that are achieved or not achieved over two trials).
This age range was chosen as it can be considered the first stage at which golf could be introduced and is also within that validated by the TGMD (ages 3-10).
A Delphi process was used to develop assessment components for each skill based on the TGMD assessment protocols.
By modifying Pacey's speed normal distribution, the proposed TGMD is shown in the following equation:
The following section will develop the arriving flow function at the downstream intersection based on speed TGMD assumption.
Because the MPFDM demonstrated here assumes the speed following TGMD, the parameters used in the model need to be transferred from the Gaussian mixture distribution.
This is because the platoon speed of MPFDM follows TGMD, which spreads in a narrower range in [[V.sub.min], [V.sub.max]].
Through speed TGMD assumption, the mixed flow can be modeled by combining bus platoon with car platoon.
Because no extensive content changes have been made, Burton and Miller's conclusion (1998) on the TGMD's suitability to assess motor abilities and FMS still holds for TGDM-2.