TGRSTransactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
TGRSTransient Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
TGRSTransportable Ground Receive Suite
TGRSTranslated GPS (Global Positioning System) Range System
TGRSTucson Garden Railway Society (Arizona)
TGRSTCAAP (Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant) Groundwater Recovery System (US EPA)
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Our study documents the identification and clinical description of pediatric cases of TGRs in the Houston area.
As to the production function variables for estimating the TGRs of firms, following the commonly adopted approach, in this study, the output variable y in Equation (1) is value-added, measured as the sum of operating income minus the sum of expenses on raw materials, energy and electricity.
The Translated Global Positioning System Range System (TGRS) is part of a compatible family of equipment designed to provide Time-Space-Position formation (TSPI) for low- and high-dynamic participants in Department of Defense (DoD) test, training, and operational ranges.
--Initial Developmental Testing and Operational Testing sessions were conducted in December 2003, March and July 2004 and have all demonstrated significant successes with IP broadcast and the new IP TGRS components.
Available: TGRS.2008.916480
The latter organisms lack the typical glutathione reductase (GR) and TR enzymes, and TGR is the only disulfide reductase involved in the regeneration of the reduced state of both thioredoxin (trx) and glutathione.