TGSMTrusted Global Security Manager
TGSMTerminally Guided Submunition
TGSMThe Guild of Safety Managers (UK)
TGSMTucson Gem and Mineral Society (Tucson, Arizona)
TGSMThe Gas Station Manual
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There are four candidate sub-munitions for the Block II warhead: the millimetre-wave TGSM being developed for the MLRS (this is preferred by the Europeans); two competing Imaging IR TGSMs by General Dynamics Valley Systems and Raytheon; and an undisclosed sub-munition believed to be the new Wide-area Anti-armor Mine (WAM).
PHOTO : The MLRS TGSM is being developed by MDTT Inc., a consortium formed by Martin Marietta,
The new 111 kg warhead carries three Terminally Guided Sub-Munitions, or TGSMs, which use autonomous millimetre-wave seekers.
Prior to launch, the TGW and its unpowered TGSMs are programmed for altitude ejection, glide path, radar search and terminal trajectory.
PHOTO : with blunter heat-shield, will contain either 30 IR-homing TGSMS or 18 of the larger
The latter include anti-armour Terminally-Guided Sub-Munitions (TGSMs), mines, hard target and runway-busting munitions.
Martin Marietta, meanwhile, has been working for many years with LTV on TGSMs for both MLRS and ATACMS, and has experience in both two-colour IR and millimetre-wave seekers for them.