TGYTie Guan Yin (tea)
TGYTryptone-Glucose-Yeast Extract
TGYTalos Guide You
TGYTris-Glucose-Yolk Diluent
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Consumer Software Customisation designated the configuration with TGY for Hong Kong and OXA for an unbranded U.K.
Within kinase subdomain VIII (of XI), p38[delta] MAPK possesses a TGY dual phosphorylation motif which is the hallmark of p38 MAPKs and is conserved among all known mammalian p38 isoforms [7-9, 18].
Typical colonies were picked and frozen at -70[degrees]C in TGY (casein tryptic peptone 30g, yeast extract 20g, glucose 1g and Lcysteine 1g [L.sup.-1]) + 30% glycerol, until further use (GHOLAMIANDEKHORDI et al., 2006).
Table 6 Importance of fiscal autonomy for total government expenditure-to-GDP ratio TGY, in Austria: (additional) revenue from earmarked grants received from other levels of government Est.
Primers PrMF: 5'-CGT TCT TCA AGT TTA CAG CAT TAG C-3' (251-75), PrMR1: 5'-CGY TTG GAA TGY CTR GTC CG-3' (724-743), and PrMR2: 5'-CCY RTG TTY CTG CCA AGC ATC CAM CC-3' (901-925) were used.
cDNA was prepared by using the HPeVUniv5' primer selected from the C-terminal region of the capsid VP0 encoding gene: 5'-GCT GAC CTA TGY ATC CCC TAT GT-3' (nt 1358 1379, GenBank accession no.