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THAThailand (ISO Country code)
THAThai Airways (ICAO code)
THATotal Hip Arthroplasty
THATobago House of Assembly
THATrends in Health and Aging
THAToll Highway Authority (Illinois)
THATemporary Housing Assistance (emergency management)
THAThreat Avoidance
THATexas Hospital Association
THATemporary Holding Area
THAToshiba Home Appliances (Japan)
THATemporary Help Agency (various locations)
THATampa Housing Authority (Florida)
THATennessee Hospital Association (Nashville, TN)
THATrack and Hold Amplifier (electronics)
THAAtlantic Thread Herring (FAO fish species code)
THAThe Historical Archive
THATuscaloosa Housing Authority (public housing agency; Tuscaloosa, AL)
THAThe Hosiery Association
THAThe Highland Army
THATake Heart Alaska (coalition)
THAThreat Hazard Assessment
THATennessee Handicap Act
THAThe Hypnotherapy Association (UK)
THAThe Hamster Alliance (Los Angeles Music Studio)
THAHardware Address of the Target
THATask Hazard Analysis
THATotal Hydrocarbon Analyzer
THATest Hazard Analysis
THAThe Headwear Association (Stockton, CA)
THATriaminoguanidinium Hydrazonium Azide
THATurbine Heat Acceptance
THATrinity House Authority
THATroop Holding Area
THATerminal Home Agent
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Survival after THA was longer than expected compared to people of similar age and sex in the Swedish general population.
The company said the intellijoint HIP provides surgeons with precise measurements for cup position, leg length and offset for THA, requires no pre-operative or intra-operative imaging as well as can be used with any implant manufacturer and for any primary or revision THA.
After successful completion of the original pilot, THA will grow the population of hospitals in PDS as well as expand source systems to include real-time data feeds from THA Smart Ribbon.
It has been noted that patients undergoing hip surgery and THA or TKA are commonly relatively older, and failure to monitor postoperative Hgb changes in these patients may lead to serious consequences.
When compared with other medical interventions, the cost to quality-adjusted life years ratio for THA is almost unparalleled.
Finally, on a personal note I found the analeptic properties of THA quite useful for those patients at the conclusion of an anaesthetic who were marginally narcotized.
An FDA advisory committee declined to recommend approval of THA last March, citing the insufficiency of safety and efficacy data (SN: 3/23/91, p.
Collaboration between providers is key to improving the quality of care patients receive, but to collaborate effectively, providers need the ability to view accurate data from across the continuum," said Fernando Martinez, THA chief digital officer.
Although THA has attempted to identify all of its needs, the following scope of services may or may not be comprehensive.
Some concerns exist that THA may provide less optimal outcomes in younger and more active patients.
The study was a cross-sectional design, and 22 unilateral THA subjects and 38 community-dwelling older adults participated.
This isn't the first time questions about THA have surfaced.