THAADSTheater High Altitude Area Defense System
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Two senior Pentagon officials said they are working to bolster ballistic missile defense fielding in the near term, an effort that could double the number of planned Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) assets in the coming years.
Trey Obering told reporters yesterday he wants the number of Aegis and THAAD interceptors to be increased during Pentagon discussions on Program Objective Memorandum 10 (POM '10).
"If you take a look at what's in our budget today and you look over the FYDP, and double that, you come close," to the number of Aegis and THAAD interceptors he would like, Obering said.
Another press report carrying the same date made similar points and stated that "The 2007 Joint Capabilities Mix Study 11, recently approved by DOD's Joint Requirements Oversight Council, concluded that combatant commanders required at least twice as many SM-3 and THAAD interceptors as currently planned." (55)
Japan is currently in the process of deploying Patriot missile batteries around Tokyo, and soon will deploy THAAD missile batteries all across the country.
Beijing argued that THAAD could seriously undermine its security by penetrating into China even though Seoul and Washington categorically stated the sophisticated radar and interceptor missile system was to keep away North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.
The South China Morning Post said the two countries reached "initial consensus" which included South Korea agreeing to not deploy more THAAD batteries, to not consider joining a U.S.-led missile defense system, and to not engage in trilateral military cooperation with the United States and Japan.
Sang-gyun stated that a local report that had said China had requested Seoul set up a shield against the radar that comes with the THAAD was false.
(62) Jefferson Morris, "Study Points To Need For More SM-3s, THAAD Interceptors," Aerospace Daily & Defense Report," May 17, 2007: 3.
for procurement of long lead items for SM-3 interceptors and THAAD
commanders need about twice as many SM-3 and THAAD interceptors as
concerning the need for about twice as many SM-3 and THAAD missiles