THABTo Hell and Back (band)
THABThe Highlands Ability Battery (evaluation tool)
THABTrue Hearts Against Bigotry (UK)
THABTetra-N-Hexyl-Ammonium Bromide
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thAb EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm A GIRLIE night up west ends badly for Lauren when she ends up snogging some random boy in the street and getting into a car with him.
Between them, the three towers house more thab 860 one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments, 12 'Villas in the Sky' and a wide selection of sports and recreational facilities.
Fases coloracao Epiderme da Fruta do calice [L.sup.*] [a.sup.*] [b.sup.*] h[degrees] Verde (1) 62,19 a -4,47 b 29,28 a 105,06 a Verde-amarelado (2) 62,90 a 7,47 a 35,39 a 78,19 b Amarelo-esverdeado (3) 66,49 a 7,79 a 36,75 a 77,61 b Amarelo (4) 63,05 a 8,01 a 32,34 a 75,17 b Amarelo-amarronzado (5) 67,04 a 8,83 a 38,45 a 74,69 b * Medias seguidas pela mesma letra minuscula na coluna nao diferem entre si, pelo teste de Tukey (p [less thab or equal to] 0,05).
Most probably they are more clever and aware than him; working with them and helping them would have been a better strategy thab spying on them and controlling them.
"sger 'thab bzo dgag byed dgos" (sger la 'thab rtsod dang bzo bcos ring lugs la dgag pa); in Chinese, dousi pixiu: A slogan from the Cultural Revolution.
(25.) Nuuraa musical instruments comprise a pair of hanging gongs (khaung hauj), a pair of small horizontal knobbed-gongs (mong), a pair of single head drums hit with sticks (klaung), a pair of pear-shaped single head drums (thab), finger cymbals (ching), wooden clappers (saek), a Malay double reed oboe (pii) and a Malay spiked fiddle (sau).
Representatives of broadcasters in countries covering more thab 70 per cent of the world have already met to begin planning and co-ordinating the format and programming.
The resulting glassy ceramic is stronger and more corrosion resistant thab boron nitride, while retaining BN's high temperature and electrical performance.
He said the explosion seriously injured the boy's 5-year-old younger brother Sam Thab; a 4-year-old girl, Pheak Sreypich; and a 10-year-old boy, Tith Van.
A f a c yo pro thaB ask str he als Before you get to the stage of asking to suck this girl's toes, I'd strongly suggest getting to know her a bit better first!