THACThomas Hassall Anglican College (Australia)
THACTown Hall Arts Center (Littleton, CO)
THACTroy Has a Camera
THACThe Hamilton and Alexandra College (Australia)
THACTransgender Health Action Coalition (Philadelphia, PA)
THACToronto Haiti Action Committee (Canada)
THACThe Health Arts College (Australia)
THACThe Health Awareness Centre (India; est. 1989)
THACTriple-Helix Affinity Chromatography (DNA)
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In accepting the role as president of THAC, Weber divested both her Tea Emporium business and her interest in the Tea Academy to avoid any conflict of interest.
(7) Trinh Khac Manh, Nguyen Van Ngyuen, and Philippe Papin, eds., Tong tap Thac ban Van khac Han Horn, vols.
Films by wellreckoned names such as the Vietnamese- French directors Choi Voi and Bui Thac Chuyen as well as our own Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Rituparno Ghosh are due to be screened.
Other "Global Lens 2010" films include "Adrift" (Choi Voi, Vietnamese, Vietnam, Bui Thac Chugyen), "Becloud" (Vaho, Spanish, Mexico, Alejandro Gerber Bicecci), "Gods" (Dioses, Spanish, Peru, JosuE[umlaut] ME[umlaut]ndez), "Leo's Room" (El Cuarto De Leo, Spanish, Uruguay, Enrique Buchichio), "Masquerades" (Mascarades, Arabic, Algeria, Lyes Salem), "My Tehran For Sale" (Farsi and English, Iran, Granaz Moussavi), "Ordinary People" (Serbian, Serbia, Vladimir Perisic), "The Shaft" (Dixia De Tiankong, Chinese, China, Zhang Chi), "Shirley Adams" (English and Afrikaans, South Africa, Oliver Hermanus).
Double letters (WW, VV, HH) can be fun too; but the most deadly combinations we found were three or four letters, as in GNT, PTC, THAC, HEMU--answers at the end of the chapter.
While the Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project (VPHEP) in India is still in preparation, the other two, the Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project (UKHPP) in Sri Lanka and the Thac Mo Hydropower Station Extension Project (TMHSEP) in Vietnam, have already been launched.
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'Our training programme was set in the heart of rural northern Vietnam at an eco-centre called Thac Da close to the magnificent Ba Vi Mountain.
(25) The magazine also publicized state-sponsored child welfare programs such as the Thac Nhi So, a day care program introduced in many villages, especially in rural areas.
Baja said the protest note was handed to Vietnamese Ambassador to the Philippines Nguyen Thac Dinh.
Le Thac Can has recommended the following changes to the EIE process: 1) consolidating and improving the performance of the Division of Project Appraisal within NEA, 2) setting up within NEA an office for implementing EIE procedures for all major development projects, 3) issuing more regulations and guidelines for EIE reports,(397) 4) the establishment of independent EIE centers by MOSTE that can carry out EIE reports for projects, 5) better training of EIE drafters and assessors, 6) the development of international and regional cooperation in EIE procedures, and 7) research on improving EIE procedures.(398)