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THAIThai Airways International (Thailand)
THAIToe to Heel Air Injection (oil extraction process)
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Lalita first visited Oman in January, when she sampled the Muscat Festival and tried the local Thai offerings.
Both the Cambodian and Thai forces have their hands on their guns at all times," he said.
Since opening The Thai House with his Welsh wife Arlene in 1985, the Thai restaurant sector has grown from five to 1,500 across the UK.
At the Thai Dishes restaurant, a portrait of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej hangs near the cash register, surrounded by past kings of the Asian country.
Three practical items should be included in the campaign: 1) a list of detailed symptoms of HPAI in poultry and humans; 2) guidelines on raising and slaughtering home-raised poultry, with a list of protective equipment such as boots, masks, and goggles, as well as cleaning materials; 3) instructions on how to report sick birds or persons to the Thai Ministry of Health.
Try the pad Talay, mixed seafood cooked with spicy chilli, garlic, red and green peppers, Thai long beans and basil leaves.
Encouraged by al Qaeda's Southeast Asia affiliates, some Muslim Thais have engaged in terror attacks, and the Thai government has reacted with deadly force.
An anthropologist at the Asia Foundation, a nonprofit policy-and-research organization headquartered in San Francisco, Rende Taylor directed a 14-month study of child labor, prostitution, and sex trafficking in two northern Thai villages.
Shot in fits and starts over three years on a minuscule budget, Mysterious Object was an add-a-story variation on the "exquisite corpse" structure famous from French Surrealism, but its black-and-white cinematography owes more to homegrown nostalgia than to art-school aesthetics, and its peculiar, uninflected admixture of tones and tales is all Thai all the time.
jokes Paul Van Slyke, a co-owner of Mekala's on Franklin Boulevard, one of the earliest Thai restaurants in the area when it opened at the Fifth Street Public Market.
Those without work permits can anticipate a 19th-century style level of exploitation and thievery from some Thai employers, many of whom deduct excessive living and food expenses from their workers' salaries.
A lot of this interest can be attributed to the morn and pop Thai restaurants that sprang up in strip centers all across the country.