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And what I was going to tell you, sir,' said Little Dorrit, trembling in all her little figure and in her voice, 'is, that I am not to know whose generosity released him--am never to ask, and am never to be told, and am never to thank that gentleman with all MY grateful heart
Elizabeth was eager with her thanks and assurances of happiness.
Brother, I thank you a million times for your more than brotherly welcome, and a million times more to that for your more than brotherly intentions.
Beth blushed like a rose under the friendly look he wore, but she was not frightened now, and gave the hand a grateful squeeze because she had no words to thank him for the precious gift he had given her.
He had come to thank us for the presents, and for all grandmother's kindness to his family.
Accept, then, and thank him," insisted Anne of Austria.
Polly felt it, and it did her good; hastily wiping the traitorous eyes, she laughed and said cheerfully, "There, I 'm all right again; thank you, don't trouble yourself with my parcels.
He thanks Veneering for the feeling manner in which he referred to their common friend Fledgeby, for he holds that gentleman in the highest estimation.
We thank you for the use of your cabin, and are sorry that you did not permit us the pleasure of seeing and thanking you in person.
Sir,' said Mr Tappertit with a low bow, 'I thank you for this condescension, and am glad to see you.
Just thank God for your blessings and ask Him humbly for the things you want.
I must speak to him if possible, just to thank him.