THANSTransition House Association of Nova Scotia (Canada)
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If the Red Spot has moved, it will transit 1 2/3 minutes earlier for each degree less than that, and V-h minutes later for each degree more than that.
Riding to war in an armoured dragon might seem a less depressing prospect than footslogging over no man's-land in the teeth of withering fire.
The first-person narrator of alternating chapters is Book, the sixteen-year-old leader of the Less Thans. Hope, the third-person focus of the other chapters, is in charge of the girls.
This situation is particularly relevant for the Sundarbans forest area in Bangladesh, where more than 3.5 million people are dependent on natural resources and have already been heavily affected by the impacts of present day climate hazards and forest degradation.
Around 1900 there was a saying on Sumba that 'the Endenese have more authority than the Dutch'.
Nevertheless, these associations were the most important lobbyists for cycling and wielded a stronger influence on policy making than non-affiliated cyclists.
For more than two decades, Kartosuwiryo had been a fervent supporter of Indonesian nationalism, and he had played significant roles in the pre-war independence movement, being well known to Sukarno and other major leaders.
"But it is no-one else's fault other than our own that I am spending my Saturdays on Twitter to see how Esher and Moseley are getting on.
Since it improved its price guarantee in January by pledging to sell groceries at least 10% cheaper thanS S its major rivals, the scheme had been used by 800,000 customers.
Those asking may already know more thans you think, and you don't want to be cast as a liar.
Organisers say the landmark anniversary has given them a platform to promote the way in which modern guiding helps more thans 500,000 youngsters across the UK make friends, develop skills, and achieve potential.