THAQTetraplegia Hand Activity Questionnaire
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The Sollerman Hand Function Test, CUE, Motor Capacity Scale, and THAQ are well-designed and evaluate meaningful tasks for people with tetraplegia; at least one or a battery of several of these tools should be used in clinical practice to build evidence for interventions.
To date, we are unaware of a kinesiological investigation in tetraplegia that has examined differences in muscle activation patterns in relation to performance on the GRT, Sollerman Hand Function Test, CUE, Motor Capacity Scale, or THAQ.
Abbreviations: ADL = activities of daily living, C = cervical, CUE = Capabilities of the Upper Extremity, EMG = electromyography, FES = functional electrical stimulation, GRT = Grasp and Release Test, ICSHT = International Classification for Surgery of the Hand in Tetraplegia, IMSOP = International Medical Society of Paraplegia, ISCSCI = International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury, LMN = lower motor neuron, NCV = nerve conduction velocity, SCI = spinal cord injury, SD = strength-duration, T = thoracic, THAQ = Tetraplegia Hand Activity Questionnaire, UL = upper limb.