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THASTelephone Health Advisory Service
THASThoracoabdominal Syndrome
THASTony Hancock Appreciation Society
THASTony Hawk American Skateland (game)
THASTower Hamlets Alcohol Service (UK)
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"And the Lord of the Jungle was Tha, the First of the Elephants.
Tha, the First of the Elephants, was busy making new jungles and leading the rivers in their beds.
"Then Tha laughed, and said: 'Thou hast killed one of many, but thou thyself shalt tell the Jungle--for thy Night is ended.'
At this Tha laughed, and said, "So be it," and went away very angry.
At the first he made a wise face for himself, but in a little while he began to scratch and to leap up and down, and when Tha came back he found the Gray Ape hanging, head down, from a bough, mocking those who stood below; and they mocked him again.
"Then Tha called us all together and said: 'The first of your masters has brought Death into the Jungle, and the second Shame.
It was generally though that the Indians had reconnoitred us during the night Shortly afterwards we came to a spot where, from the fres footsteps of men, children, and horses, it was evident tha the party had crossed the river.
They all seem to be cannibals for no sooner was a mouse caught in one of my traps tha it was devoured by others.
A the point where we first met this formation it was 120 fee in thickness; following up the river course, the surfac imperceptibly rose and the mass became thicker, so that a forty miles above the first station it was 320 feet thick What the thickness may be close to the Cordillera, I hav no means of knowing, but the platform there attains a heigh of about three thousand feet above the level of the sea we must therefore look to the mountains of that great chai for its source; and worthy of such a source are streams tha have flowed over the gently inclined bed of the sea to distance of one hundred miles.
It is said tha the young condors cannot fly for an entire year; and lon after they are able, they continue to roost by night, an hunt by day with their parents.
These fact are attested by the signatures of six gentlemen, besides tha of Mr.
Its edges were so angular, and its size so great, tha I at first mistook it for a rock in situ , and took out my compass to observe the direction of its cleavage.