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THATSTimber Harvesting and Transportation Safety
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I spanked him for that and then he went and chased my rooster to death.
Anne did not know that Ruby had written the first letter and that Gilbert had answered it from mere courtesy.
Marilla worries a lot about you, but I tell her you've got a lot more sense than I ever thought you would have at one time, and that you'll be all right."
What did she do that was so bad, anne, I want to know.
Her husband seems a nice sort of a man, but she can't get over being an old maid, that's what.
“You have found an excellence in the church liturgy that has hitherto escaped me.
Remarkable felt a wonderful inclination to tell the young mistress of the mansion that by opening a door she might see for herself; but prudence got the better of resentment, and after pausing some little time, as a salve to her dignity, she did as desired.
“By that rule, then, you would call those who belong’ to the persuasion of my father, the sitting-order,” observed Elizabeth.
“Altered!” exclaimed the major-domo, eyeing the bottle, that was assuming the clear aspect of cut glass with astonishing rapidity; “it don’t matter much, Mistress Remarkable, so long as I keep the keys of the lockers in my pocket.”
“For that matter, Mistress Remarkable,” said Benjamin, “there’s none here who will contradict you; for I’m of opinion that it would be as easy to stop a hurricane with a Barcelony handkerchy as to bring up your tongue when the stopper is off.
“Look you, Mistress Pitty—Patty Prettybones, mayhap I’m some such matter as a bear, as they will find who come to grapple with me; but dam’me if I’m a monkey— a thing that chatters without knowing a word of what it says—a parrot; that will hold a dialogue, for what an honest man knows, in a dozen languages; mayhap in the Bay of State lingo; mayhap in Greek or High Dutch.
“Who’s that you say is drunk?” cried Benjamin fiercely, rising and making a movement toward Remarkable.