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THAWTony Hawk's American Wasteland (video game)
THAWThe Heat and Warmth Fund
THAWTheaters Against War
THAWTemporary Heating Assistance for Warmth (Ohio)
THAWTime-Harmonic Acoustic Wave
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He said at dinner that we would not try to reach the cattle-- they were fat enough to go without their corn for a day or two; but tomorrow we must feed them and thaw out their water-tap so that they could drink.
It is probable that much of the snow at these great heights is evaporated rather than thawed.
The moisture from his breath had collected on his beard and frozen into a great mass of ice, and this he proceeded to thaw out.
Messner took the thawed salmon outside and fed his dogs.
As the spring gradually approached, the immense piles of snow that, by alternate thaws and frosts, and repeated storms, had obtained a firmness which threatened a tiresome durability, began to yield to the influence of milder breezes and a warmer sun.
As exercise in the open air was in some degree necessary to the habits of the family, when the constant recurrence of frosts and thaws rendered the roads, which were dangerous at the most favorable times, utterly impassable for wheels, saddle-horses were used as substitutes for other conveyances.
"It was now very early in the morning, and yet, to my surprise, I heard somebody say, 'Sir John, it is midnight, and time for the ship's crew to go to bed.' This I knew to be the pilot's voice, and upon recollecting myself I concluded that he had spoken these words to me some days before, though I could not hear them before the present thaw. My reader will easily imagine how the whole crew was amazed to hear every man talking, and seeing no man opening his mouth."
How it was that the kit could be heard during the frost and yet still be heard in the thaw we are not told.
She led me to her lodge; my heart was thawed by her kindness, and my eyes burst forth with tears; like the frozen fountains in springtime.
So snug and warm was it, that he was loath to leave it when Francois distributed the fish which he had first thawed over the fire.
In the daytime it thawed in the sun, but at night there were even seven degrees of frost.
Daylight, between mouthfuls, fed chunks of ice into the tin pot, where it thawed into water.