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THAWSTactical Homing and Warning System
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There had been excursions in the equipage of Richard, when with his four horses he had outstripped the winds, as it flew over the glassy ice which invariably succeeded a thaw.
The moisture from his breath had collected on his beard and frozen into a great mass of ice, and this he proceeded to thaw out.
This I knew to be the pilot's voice, and upon recollecting myself I concluded that he had spoken these words to me some days before, though I could not hear them before the present thaw.
How it was that the kit could be heard during the frost and yet still be heard in the thaw we are not told.
The methane-producing organism first was identified in soils in northern Sweden that once remained frozen year-round but have begun to thaw under the effect of globally rising temperatures.
The rapid warming of the Arctic, which is proceeding at a rate at least twice that of the world as a whole, and the subsequent melt and thaw of ice, snow, and permafrost is compromising the region's function as the "air conditioner for the world," Highleyman said.
Musselburgh are also due to race on Friday, but officials were disappointed by the sluggish thaw yesterday.
The carbon dating demonstrates how easily carbon decomposes when soils thaw under warmer conditions," said Professor Ted Schuur, University of Florida and co-author of the paper.
Thus, as the ground thaws allowing the trapped water to drain away, the soil will warm and activate the earthworms and other organisms.
The field of lakes covers an area twice the size of Massachusetts, and the lakes are unusual enough to have their own name: oriented thaw lakes.
SIX thousand Scots homes were without water supplies yesterday as the thaw set in.