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THBThai Baht (Thailand currency)
THBThailand Baht (Currency Unit, ISO)
THBTrafficking in Human Beings (EU)
THBThe Herald Bulletin (newspaper; Indiana)
THBThe Holy Bible
THBThigh High Boots
THBTotal Hemoglobin
THBTemperature Humidity Bias
THBThis House Believes (debating)
THBTraditional Housing Bureau
THBThe Honey Brothers (band)
THBToo Hard Basket
THBTheologiae Baccalaureus (Latin: Bachelor of Theology)
THBTanzanian Housing Bank
THBTech Hockey Blog
THBThrombocyte B
THBToronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo Railway Company
THBTrojan Horse Band (band)
THBTheHilariousBros Productions (YouTube)
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For the Transit media (BTS) segment, VGI posted a revenue figure of THB 549 million, up 28%, thanks to a synergy with Rabbit Group that led to the successful introduction of an efficient offline-to-online (O2O) platform and to the company's position as Thailand's first and only advertising platform provider to offer a combination of out-of-home (OOH) and digital/online advertising platforms, with Rabbit Group's database employed to ensure maximum efficiency, reach and evaluability.
THB has maintained their ISO 9001 registration since 2003, and in 2004 they added ASME NQA-1 compliance for the Nuclear Industry.
Initial moisture tests on GaN technology obtained equivalent results from both THB and HAST testing.
In the evaluation of the means of the number of marketable fruits (NMF) per plant of THB, it was found NMF = 78, in the summer of 2012, and NMF = 54, in the summer of 2013.
2]Hb and/or increasing ΔHHb (which implies altered oxygen supply/demand), and compromised tHb (indicative of impaired hemodynamics).
GRETA also considers that the Cypriot authorities should step up the proactive investigation of potential cases of THB in sectors such as entertainment, tourism, agriculture and domestic work, including through close monitoring of the application of the visa regimes for performing artists.
O THB afeta 1% (Lima, Tassi, Novo, & Mari, 2005) a 2% da populacao (Reilly-Harrington et al.
Last year, Betagro earned about THB 5 billion from the pig business, with local and export sales of products made from about one million pigs.
manufactures the OPTI CCA-TS portable analyzers for measuring time sensitive diagnostic assays including blood gas, electrolytes, ionized calcium, measured SO2, tHb, and glucose.
The THB is trying to attract tenants in international logistics, trade, warehousing, container, forwarder, customs clearing etc.