THBITexas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute
THBITotal Heart Beat Index (physical medicine)
THBIThyroid-Hormone Binding Inhibitor (microbiology)
THBITraumatic Head and Brain Injury
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The THBI significantly improves broad understanding, support and interest in biomedical research and manufacturing.
A Wilcoxon signed rank revealed that participants wearing the C-Leg demonstrated a significant increase in THBI (p = 0.
We observed a significant increase in THBI for the MLT condition compared with the no-MLT condition for persons using the C-Leg, suggesting that the C-Leg reduced movement efficiency when participants were subjected to an MLT.
It is unlikely that the faster walking speeds during the MLT trials (second round) of the OC were responsible for the increased THBI for the C-Leg.
The movement efficiency measured by the THBI may also have some limitations.