THDITotal Harmonic Distortion of Current (electronics)
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Converter under steady-stay condition--non-symmetrical load (HB1 1.33 kW, HB2 0.66 kW, HB3 1.33 kW), current THDi = 3.34 %, ch1: trolley voltage [u.sub.t], ch2: voltage at converter ac terminals [u.sub.v], ch3: DC-link voltage at first HB [U.sub.HB1], ch4: trolley current [i.sub.t].
Myo3b contains the motor domain and the THDI domain but lacks the THDII domain, which is contrary to Myo3a, which lacks the ability to "walk along" actin [37].
The active filtering during the battery charging from the grid is having the THDI less than 3% and the power factor greater than 0.99%.
In general, the largely improved performance of the 30-pulse converter makes the power quality indices such as THD of supply current and voltage (THDi and THDv), displacement power factor (DPF), distortion factor (DF), and power factor (PF) satisfactory for different loading conditions.
In addition, the new range is characterised by low production of Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi), which is at a minimal 5%.
Another notable feature of the 'SmartOnline' range is its low production of Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi), which is at a minimal 5 per cent, thereby enabling a 1:1 sizing of the UPS system to a generator set.
Le's GiO ThDi PhDDng Nao / From Where the Wind Blows (2003); and
It's in Thdi Nguyen, a lovely shady spot beside the Cong River.
THDI = [square root of ([N.summation over (n=2)][([I.sub.n]/I(1)).sup.2])], (4)