THDSScrew Threads
THDSThe Home Depot Supply (The Home Depot, Inc.)
THDSThe Hague Death Squad (gaming clan)
THDSThermal Helium Desorption Spectroscopy
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Figure 6 shows that measurement analysis for fan which is THD for fan shows that 1.5% and K-Factor is 1.
Comparison of current THD and power factor for lamps with the same rated power.
Load Nominal Power (kVA) Nominal Voltage (RMS, L-L) Linear 10 380V Non linear 5 380V Table 3: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
Further, the DPWM method is required to maintain total harmonic distortion (THD) and reduction in switching loss.
Experimental results prove good performance of the proposed SAF in term of harmonic current reduction, THD after compensation is below the limit recommended by IEEE-519 standard, and the neutral current became zero.
It will promote the Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) training program that is offered by NAAEI and sponsored by THDS. Maintenance Mania will help to raise funds for education programs at the national and local levels and will establish THDS as a leader in providing training for maintenance professionals.
The all of the THDs and power factors obtained for all reference currents/insolation conditions are listed in Table II.
Parameter Value Voltage source 400 Vrms, 50 Hz DC-Bus capacitor 3300 [micro]F (each) DC-Bus reference voltage 880 V Limiting inductor 5 mH Switching frequency 25 kHz Table 2: THDs of mitigated source current obtained from each harmonics extraction algorithm for capacitive (RC) and inductive (RL) loads.
With the actual GRF signal of the walk-on-the-spot experiment as the input and the corresponding output of the second order linear system of (6) and (7) as the estimated GRF, the THDs can be determined for the IMFT mathematical model.