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Other significant sings of apoptosis in pre-ovulatory oocytes were theca and granulosa disruption and vesicle formation.
The removal of the sperm perinuclear theca and its association with the bovine oocyte surface during fertilization.
Long-term cultures of theca and granulosa cells demonstrated significantly increased enzymatic activities of P450c17[alpha] and 3[beta]HSD in PCOS theca cells with subsequent increased synthesis of testosterone precursors compared to normal cells [25, 26].
Published data indicate that the direct effect of melatonin on follicular steroid production is complex and may depend on the cell type (theca cell or granulose cell), duration of treatment (acute or long-term response), experimental model (cell culture or follicle culture), species, and dose [61].
Cells stained with antimacrophage antibodies were irregular in shape and localized in the stroma and the theca layer of follicles in normal ovaries (Figure 4(a)).
Superoxide dismutase activity has been shown in the granulose and theca cells of the follicle, where glutathione peroxidase enzyme is localized in follicular fluid (2).
Insulin increases androgen synthesis in ovarian theca cells with its luteinizing hormone-like action.
This elm Theca cocktail sideboard from Poliform was also designed by Marcel Wanders.
The high expression of TNF-[alpha] in rats, In addition induction of apoptosis in granulosa cells of antral follicles, mitogenic theca interstitial cells stimulating activities and increasing the number of steroidogenic cells, cause progress of PCOS.
Previous studies have reported six morphological characters to use when classifying Siderastrea species: corallite diameter, columella diameter, number of septa, theca thickness, columellar depth, and distance between individual corallites (Laborel, 1970, 1974; Budd and Guzman, 1994; Budd, 1980; Menezes et al., 2013).
They were classified as follows [16]: primordial follicle (an oocyte surrounded by one layer of flattened granulosa cells), primary follicle (an oocyte surrounded by one layer of cuboidal granulosa cells), secondary follicle (diverse layers of cuboidal granulosa cells without antral space), tertiary follicle (diverse layers of cuboidal granulosa cells with antral space), and Graafian follicles (presence of cumulus and granulosa and theca cell layers).